Werner's agreement with Bayern | Leipzig surprised everyone?


The RB Leipzig could insist on the whereabouts of Timo Werner beyond the current season. "I can not rule out that Timo will not leave until 2020"Says Ralf Rangnick to,portraitClear. In a round of conversations,Leipziger VolkszeitungLast night on Monday, the head of the RB confirmed that the appropriate considerations are being made with the Saxons: & # 39;It's not our dream scenario, but I can not rule it out.".

Explanation: If Werner does not change in the summer, a year later he will follow the transfer free exit – as long as the 23 year old does not yet sign a new working document. After that, it does not look like that at the moment. Rangnick explains: "We'll see in the summer if Timo is going – or if he shoots again against Julian Nagelsmann in the Champions League".

Werner's agreement with Bayern?

Meanwhile, Werner has allegedly already made the decision about his future. Like the,portrait"Reported, the accelerated striker's adviser and FC Bayern are already agreed on a change. Now it remains to be seen whether the two clubs can agree. In the room are 60 million euros transfer fee, which is a proud sum, in view of the short contract period.

price questionFT opinion: Rangnick's words may up to now be interpreted as a poker transfer standard. In view of the financial power of the people of Leipzig, however, it is also conceivable that the advertised be put into action and that a high double digit amount be dispensed. Ultimately, Bayern must decide whether the qualities of the Werners sprinter are so good.


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