WAC’s “historic night”: Liendl on Ibrahimovic’s trail


His coach, Ferdinand Feldhofer, spoke of a “historic night” and was “very pleased, especially with the first half. We don’t allow too much, too little”. In addition, there were perfect passes “behind the last chain” of the opponent, which led to the first two penalties (4th, 13th) after fouls on Christopher Wernitznig. And Liendl, who now feels “again very sure of the penalty spot”, did not miss those opportunities, as in the 1-1 draw at the beginning of the previous week against CSKA Moscow.

Show the professional Michael Liendl

Feyenoord’s strongest phase only followed after the transfer, but despite the large number of first-class opportunities, it was just enough for a brief goal by Steven Berghuis (53rd). “Of course we had one or two phases in which we swam. But this is normal in the international scenario, it can happen. But we have overcome this period of drought very well,” emphasized Liendl. “Other than that, we were extremely well, so all opponents are having a hard time. We absolutely deserve to win, even at this level.”


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