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Update fixes annoying bugs on iPhone


Once again, Apple has released an update to the iPhone iOS operating system. Above all, removing a particularly annoying error will please many users.

Since the release of iOS 13, Apple has improved six times with the update. Now the iPhone maker has released the seventh update to the latest version 13.2.2.

In addition to several minor issues, it now solves a multitasking issue that most users have probably bothered since version 13.2: Even after a quick switch to another application, the previous application needed to be restarted on return.

When switching between apps, entries have been deleted

Anyone who was about to watch a YouTube video and had briefly switched to a new WhatsApp message or email had to find out by returning to YouTube that the home page was showing again. The video just watched has disappeared.

Even more annoying was the mistake if you were about to fill out an online browser form, book a flight or just want to buy something from an online store. Anyone who changed the app during this time could usually do it again later.

Annoying bugs seem to be fixed after first tests

This aggressive memory management behavior has now disabled Apple. Patch notes, which read what was improved in the update, state: "Fixes an issue that causes applications to close unexpectedly while running in the background." After the initial writing tests, the problem no longer occurred.

Other issues fixed included disruption of voice and data connections, issues with encrypted email, and interruptions in charging with a cable from YubiKey manufacturer.

Normally, the update will be installed automatically in the coming nights. In the "Settings" application, the installation can also be started manually via "General"> "Software Update".

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