Two fires at Innviertel


Two fires at Innviertel

RIED / NEUHOFEN The façade of the house "Pro mente" and the sales booth caught fire.

Two fires were set at Innviertel

Fire Department in action Image: Matthias Lauber

Thanks to an attentive pastime, the site of "per mente O" in Ried im Innkreis during the Sunday night did not become a booty of the flames.

A stranger piled up and set fire to several newspapers around 1:25 in the morning outside the building. Flames quickly attacked the front. The passerby immediately alerted the emergency services. The fire brigade was able to prevent the spread of the flames, which were already on fire around 15 square meters of the facade. Similarly, a stranger ignited on Sunday night in Neuhofen im Innkreis, a few miles from the first scene, decorative elements in a wooden tent. The flames left after a short time alone but had already severely affected the sales booth.

Nobody was injured

No one was injured in either of the two fires. The exact amount of property damage is still unclear, but it can be significant.

The police district fire investigator investigated crime scenes. The suspicion that it might be due to the temporal and local proximity of the fire in both cases on the same thing, is obvious.

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