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Trucks hanging on the streets of Carinthia after snowfall «

<! – ->Winter is here: Trucks hang in the streets of Carinthia after snowfall «

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At the Südautobahn, Tauernautobahn and Millstätterstraße, the first semi-trailers can not continue. At the entrance to the town of Villach, an accident happened.

08:47, January 18, 2019

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Snow Snow Snowfall Voelkermarkt November 2018
Dumping services are in permanent use © Traussnig

Fresh snow shows its first effects in traffic. Especially in the area Villach and Upper Carinthia, where it is currently the most rainy. On the A10 the direction Tauernautobahn Spittal in the West Villach garage two trucks are stuck in the early traffic. One was, according to the antenna traffic service almost in the acceleration range. Meanwhile, access and exit are again passable.

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