Then there was a terrorist attack on community building


When officers, some in uniform, some in civilian clothes, appeared in Miltnerweg, the slogan "top secret" was apparently issued. As the mission was not neglected and all those who approached the stairs were controlled, many rumors arose.

Particularly on social media, rumors had surfaced that a volatile Iraqi drowned his three daughters and killed his wife. There is also a son (12) who is now in the hospital. This version of horror and that was silenced was, of course, total scam. But police and prosecutors only got in the way, left the population in the dark, and reluctantly confirmed ongoing investigations. It then leaked that in the community that builds terror investigations against Hassan A. (changed name), an Iraqi father and quadruple, runs at the address.

Suspicion of Murder Boiling© Viyana Manset Haber

Suspect of murder in Simmering© Viyana Manset Haber


This is also supported by the fact that criminologists carried boxes of material from the apartment on the sixth floor, the apartment itself is sealed and that the family of five members is no longer on site or was taken away.

Background to the action of constitutional protection are probably indications that the Iraqi or his name in connection with a terrorist cell in Germany may have appeared. Brisant: The man who lived in Graz was an employee of a security company and was responsible for supermarkets and football stadiums.

Suspicion of Murder Boiling© Viyana Manset Haber

Was he planning a stop?

Have chemicals or explosives been found at home? Who was he in contact with in Germany? What happened to your family? He enters extraditable custody because, under pressure from the German secret service, a legal aid application is executed? All these questions are not answered by the authorities. For the Iraqi, the presumption of innocence applies. (KOR)

11 prisons in Germany: planned cell attacks in Frankfurt

The attack in Vienna has to do with connections with a terrorist cell of Salafists in Germany. Four days ago, eleven people between the ages of 20 and 42 were arrested in a major attack. 200 LKA investigators, police and SEC commandos stormed several apartments in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. According to the investigators, the group planned an "attack motivated by Islamic terrorists using a vehicle and firearms."


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