The young Ferrari Leclerc makes Vettel look old


The young Ferrari Leclerc makes Vettel look old

SAKHIR. German threatens loss of number 1 status on team

"A star is rising in Leclerc," wrote the Italian sports newspaper "Gazzetta dello Sport" and was not alone in its completion of the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix. A defect in energy recovery cost Charles Leclerc his first victory in the second race for Ferrari. Despite the third place behind the two Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas belonged to the 21-year-old headlines. Even the competition was full of praise for the Monegasque genius. "We saw in him a young champion who is in training," Mercedes Motorsport director Toto Wolff said as an emotional winner. The Hamilton Series World Champion certified Leclerc as a "glorious and brilliant future."

The rising star casts its shadow over Sebastian Vettel. The German, who finished in the first race of the season thanks to a stable order ahead of Leclerc, came under pressure in Bahrain when he rode a duel with Hamilton and destroyed his front wing. Fifth place failed to comfort him, the Heppenheimer is already in the drivers' championship 22 meters behind Bottas and his 21 behind Hamilton. The 31-year-old has to give up as fast as possible so he will not be overtaken by the newcomer.

"Shaving the Mustache"

If you have the damage, you do not have to worry about ridicule. "Vettel continues where he left off last year: he's screwed up again," said former world champion Nico Rosberg as a TV expert. A "head problem" diagnosed several Italian media outlets. According to "La Repubblica Vettel" had lost the courage, "that is why" La Stampa "gave the following advice:" The German should hire a mental trainer. And shave your mustache. "The latter was probably to be less constructive.

The three-time world champion confessed after the errors of the race and bet on the future: "The potential is there, but it's still a little difficult to eliminate it." The possibility of reduced frustration leaves Vettel already with the test drives of tomorrow. The next Grand Prix will follow in Shanghai in two weeks.


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