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A crazy offensive game saw more than 4,000 fans at Graz-Liebenau. The hosts were the first pursuers who were the leaders of the Vienna league and won 3-0.

The game has kept its promise from the start. The first good opportunity for guests coming from Vienna was with Alex Wall, but Robin Rahm did not succeed. Nobody stood for the rebound. But the 99s were not impressed and they came from the beginning with the first good chance. The most dangerous caps were shown in Taylor Vause's eighth minute, but Robin Rahm had no problem with this experiment.

In the tenth minute, the home side was again dangerous as Daniel Oberkofler tested the Lamoureux holes. In the middle of the first game, the first penalty of the game and the two minutes against Niki Hartl, the home page can show why the number of players is so successful. Weihager had a great chance of proving this, but met with the ideal preparation that Onetimer did not. All in all, a very respectable first third, leaving only the hits.

The second half started with the 99s when Kirchschläger pulled out and still fought Dwight King, but Lamoureux remained victorious. Two minutes later, the next chance on the home side, but neither did Ole or Zusevics put the plate in the house. The pressure of the hosts has now risen. But in the 27th minute, Oberkofler served as a freestyle Colton Yellow Horn, who had plenty of time and space to score 1: 0.

The hats had to be punished immediately and they had to beat the ice cold again. Curtis Hamilton wanted to play the disc on the gap, but it was changed by a cap player who did not keep Lamoureux from his legs. The caps pulled, but that did not help. As often as this last games, it was sticky. Kagran is in the foresight, but the big yellow horn moves Grazern into the opponent's zone, Loney has served his 3-0 goal scorer.

On both sides, the penalty put many places on the ice and a further chance of the 99s, but the cups were saved to the next goal. While Patrick Petern had to go out and have to confirm the 99s again, this time powerplay was unsuccessful. Before the start of the second break, the emotions became warm again, Moderer and DeSousa, or Jakobsson and Wall had to divide everything. In 5 minutes, he went to the cabins against Moderer and DeSousa.

At the final stage, the first chance for 99 was when Defender Weihager was free, but he did not succeed on the crossbar. After five minutes, Zusevich had to go to the cool box, Caps first strength. However, this remained relatively harmless, and the Styrians were immediately redone in the 5th and 5th, creating additional opportunities to increase the score. Nine minutes later, Ty Loney appeared alone before Lamoureux, but Mario Fischer stopped him. The result is that did not result in punishment. The game has now been decided, and the 99s have further top-ranked opportunities to extend the edge. For example, Grafenthin, after Oberkofler's ideal temporary job, failed on the caps goal. So stay 3: 0.

The 99th victory, which went perfectly even at this altitude. And while Rabin Rahm celebrated the second match in his second game, the Capitals won the fourth defeat each other. The advantage over Grazer in the table is therefore only one point.

Graz99ers – Vienna Capitals 3: 0 (0: 0 | 3: 0 | 0: 0)
1: 0 Yellow Horn (27)
2: 0 Hamilton (29/PP)
3: 0 Yellow Horn (33)

Pic: 99s


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