The man runs cold for four years until doctors find the shocking cause


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Greg Phillpotts struggled for years with a runny nose. When he could not breathe, he went to the clinic. What the doctors found there is unbelievable.

As his nose dribbled incessantly, Greg Phillotts even had to stuff his handkerchiefs in his nose-the permanent cold of New York had been incredible for four years.

His initial suspicion of having an allergy was wrong. All the doctors he consulted in recent years diagnosed another condition: once was pneumonia, once a chronic bronchitis.

No doctor can stop the permanent cold – until he climbed

"I cooked the food, I stayed in the kitchen and I mixed it up with the ingredients – the whole dinner was ruined," Phillpotts told ABC News on his steady exit. He was always afraid that the secretions would suddenly be out of the nose"This can happen anywhere, you could be on the plane, you could just talk to someone and things get out of your face."

His suffering did not end until the situation increased. At some point it was so bad that the 43-year-old from New York gasped and found no sleep at night. Phillpotts has settled for Dr. Examine Alfred Iloreta at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. He finally found the cause: Greg Phillpotts ran cerebral fluid out of his nose!

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When is it a cold cause to go to the doctor?

Dr. Iloreta told ABC that it is a fluid that surrounds the brain to cushion the shock. If this liquid runs from the nose, the bacteria could rise and thus infect the brain. A dangerous meningitis (meningitis) could be the result,

Phillpotts was lucky: After minimally invasive surgery The doctors closed the "leak", which is why their constant coldness now belongs to the past.

It is very rare for a cold to indicate leakage of brain fluid. But it happens. Dr. Iloreta, of Mount Sinai Hospital, advises caution when secretion escapes a nostril for a long period of time. Salty taste and severe headache it is also an indication that you should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

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