The launch of the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini is far away!


Nintendo fans will have guessed right now. Occasionally, there were always leaks on a Nintendo 64 Mini, but so far the ad was wrong. Now we finally have clarity!

Nintendo will not be this Christmas Nintendo 64 Classic MiniConsole on the market. Probably not in the next or next year. The expectation was clear: in 2016, the NES Classic Mini and had a mega success in 2017, so a year later the SNES Classic Mini,

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What should appear in order 2018? Okay, the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini, This is nothing, as the boss of Nintendo of America Fils-Aime betrayed in an interview.

"It was clear to us in the first two classic series that these were limited time opportunities for us as a company to move from the conclusion of the Wii U as a hardware system for the launch of the Nintendo Switch," said Fils. Aime for "That was the strategic reason why we introduced the NES Classic system."

O Wii U was a clear failure for Nintendo, which was barely noticed in early 2016. Nintendo Switch appeared in early 2017.

"So while consumers were expecting something, we see this as a limited opportunity in time.Now we are also very clear that the consumer is eager to engage in our classic content that will have a growing impact on the subscription service" , continues the head of Nintendo.

So the specific question: "Would you rule out an N64 classic?"

"I would never rule anything out," he said. "But I can say that this is certainly not within our planning horizon."

How do we find this? A feather! But apparently there was a development of Nintendo, after curiously the patents were archived and manuals for Nintendo 64 games were reissued.

Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo 64)

Maybe we were good at our gamer blog. A Nintendo 64 Classic Mini without a Goldeneye 007 simply is not worth anything!

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