"The future is private": Facebook promises a new privacy policy


San Jose – Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg promises to put privacy protection at the heart of the online network after the data scandals in recent months. "The future is private," Zuckerberg announced at the F8 developers conference in San Jose, Calif., On Tuesday. "Privacy gives us the freedom to be ourselves."

"We do not have the best reputation now"

Especially as the global network grows, such retreats would be particularly important, Zuckerberg said. Thus, the founder of Facebook has put in its previous ads to align the platform more in encrypted private communication. The online network was recently under pressure after data protection scandals and data breaches.

He therefore understands that many did not believe that Facebook wanted to admit it, Zuckerberg admitted. "We do not have the best privacy reputation right now to put it well," he said. But Facebook has repeatedly proven in the past that the online network could change. The reorientation will also require changes in the way the company is run. Zuckerberg had said in recent years that Facebook's mission is to connect the world more closely. Now he talks about people who want to move online in public spaces and strictly private.

Messenger receives end-to-end encryption

A central element of the new strategy are the WhatsApp chat services of Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Here Zuckerberg wants to organize more communication between users with friends and family. Messenger is now converted to full encryption.

WhatsApp, the other Facebook chat service, has been called end-to-end encryption, where basically only senders and recipients can view content. With Messenger Facebook resigned – among other things, to open the best platform for communication between companies and their customers, as it was called. For the transmission of confidential information, but you can already enter into a safe mode.

With a new feature, users should also invite friends in Messenger to watch a video together. These can be your own videos, Internet clips or even TV shows available on the platform, it was said on Tuesday. Messenger will be available this year with its own desktop application on Windows and Mac computers.

According to the most recent figures, Messenger has 1.3 billion active users per month, of which 410 million also use video chat on the platform. Between companies and their customers, 20 billion messages per month would be sent.

Facebook has a particularly strong position in chat services with WhatsApp and Messenger. A key competitor is the Apple iMessage, which until now, but only on iPhone group devices, runs.

Focus on group function

The main Facebook application further emphasizes the group feature that users can connect to their interests. Facebook's dating platform, launched last year, will also be launched in the US this year after its launch in Latin America.

Meanwhile, the online network wants to bring its video telephony device portal after launch in the US and internationally in the market. In June, Canada should make the start, followed by Europe at the end of the year – individual countries do not call Facebook for now. (AP)


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