The drama about & # 39; First Dog & # 39; July


Just over a year ago, Alexander Van der Bellen did not have a four-legged companion – in April 2018, his beloved kindergarten died after 14 years. But the year of mourning was over – in an opening in Styria, the new "First Dog" was there for the first time. Juli is a constant companion to the Federal President and his wife Doris Schmidauer.



She is native to Greece. What almost nobody knows: the little mestizo lady has a dramatic life and a really moving fate behind her. Seven years ago, July was suspended like a cub on a Greek beach, bound, dedicated to death. But an Austrian rescued the fluffy beast with his white paws and took it home. Naturalization worked without complaints – and July came to a friend of the president, who died recently.

July is a true colored dog in Van der Bellens

But the little bitch got lucky again. Van der Bellens first took care of them, but after only a few days it was clear: it will not work without July. "We are in the heart of July from the start. And even July obviously feels comfortable with us," the president told Austria on Friday. The functions are already distributed: "She immediately sought a regular place on the couch and, when she thinks she needs encouragement, she simply jumps one of us on her lap."

In fact, July did not give way to the president in opening a climate change in Altenburg, Rax, Styria, Styria. As if she had never been accustomed to anything else, she sat on the president's lap and listened to the speeches. "She's like a kitten," laughed Van der Bellens. The career as First Dog had a great start – in the near future, you'll see Juli officiate at the Hofburg. (GU)

Joy about "Easter bunny with two fanning ears"

Van der Bellen shared a photo of "First Dog" July on his Facebook page and is visibly pleased with the addition: "Our Easter Bunny has two fanned ears, it's July and it's seven years old. And even July obviously, feels comfortable with us. "

This was Kita.

In April 2018, faithful Kita Van der Bellens died. The mestizo even had an election poster – and was always on the president's side.

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