The America of Destroyed Dreams


The America of Destroyed Dreams

On Friday, the musical "Ragtime" celebrated after the bestselling E.L. Doctorow his brilliant debut at the Theater of Music of Linz.

The America of Destroyed Dreams

The fate of Coalhouse (Gino Emnes) and Sarah (Myrthes Monteiro) is the focus of "Ragtime". Image: Winkler / Landestheater

They are all outsiders, even bandits, who treat New York society as if they were not part of it: a Negro about the rampant venom of racism, a Jewish immigrant seeking a better life, a white woman, reduced in his role as the pearl of the house and mother (as well as her paper name). There is no need for complicated intellectual connections with today's Trump America in order to pinpoint the opportunity and political explosiveness of ragtime. On Friday, the musical premiered on Matthias Davids's stage at Linik Musiktheater.

At the center of the multifaceted story of the novel by E. L. Doctorow is the proud color pianist Coalhouse Walker junior. Performed by the Dutch guest Gino Emnes with huge physical presence and voice, he already uses Kleist's Avenger in his name. Like Michael Kohlhaas, he resorts to self-righteousness to eradicate the injustice he has suffered – in the form of a racially motivated attack. Driven by despair and hopelessness, her beloved Sarah (Myrthes Monteiro) had already deposited her son in "Mother's Garden".

Daniela Dett impressively incorporating a mixture of defiant restraint and delicately flourishing self-confidence, the middle-class lady takes her baby and mother home – not only against her husband (Carsten Lepper as "father") but also against her social conventions time.

A charge of explosives

An act that admires Mother's brother (Gernot Romic) as much as he sympathizes with the Coalhouse vendetta against the establishment. In the end, the Seeker and the mutant pianist-terrorist with a charge of explosives at the Morgan Library – and a difficult decision!

This kaleidoscope of a troubled nation in turbulent change completes the story of Tate and her daughter. Riccardo Greco imitates the immigrants from Eastern Europe, who tries as a paper seller, with much kindness in his heart and bathes in his voice.

Cleverly sailed director Matthias Davids his grand ensemble on the stage of dark wood and steel clad by Hans Kudlich through the history grove of Doctorow. Many historical figures also have guest appearances, but they contribute more to the atmosphere than being of real relevance to the plot. While Ariana Schirasi-Fard as an anarchist Emma Goldman, Hanna Kastner in the role of the star Evelyn Nesbit and O. J. Lynch as civil rights activist Booker T. Washington has established small brands of fragrances, Christof Messner has a memorable appearance. As a legendary escape artist Harry Houdini, he spectacularly cuts himself off the blanket of musical theater!

Complex still light

Musically, in collaboration with the Bruckner Orchestra, Tom Bitterlich manages to make the complex arrange German-sung songs of Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens are remarkably light. The opulent soundtrack of an America in which hope and destroyed dreams are forthcoming flirts broadly with gospel, swing, vaudeville hits and ragtime and instantly nestles in the audience's auditory channels. The vocal and emotional highlight of the evening is undoubtedly Sarah Monteiro actress with the heart-breaking ballad "Your daddys son". Great!

Conclusion: Linz's production of "Ragtime" is the rare hit of a musical that is fun and motivating to think.

Muscial premiere: "Ragtime", directed by Matthias Davids, February 8, Musiktheater Linz. Upcoming performances: 13./22. February, 1./6/7/9/10/10/16/17/24. March

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