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Tragedy in Switzerland! Gian Luca Barandun died in a disaster with a paraglider. The hope of starting 24-year-old was on a training flight, flew according to the police dip, fell very low and fell to the ground. His fatal accident is not the first blow of family fate.

Olympic dramas

Early loss

Baradun's father also died early when Gian Luca was still a child. "That's why I had to become autonomous very early," said the speed expert, recalling the tragedy of his childhood. His friends report that his early loss made him a particularly discreet and private person.

Coach cries

Swiss Ski coach Tom Stauffer says: "With Gian Luca we have lost a dear man and a particularly hard worker, he has excelled as a ski rider in recent years, but his development was far from over, his impressive willpower. He could have done some of his things and his last training appearances were very good. "

Program changed

The death of the Swiss Ski Federation also changes the preparation for races in North America. "It will take us a few days to know how we want to continue to the first World Cup in Lake Louise at the end of November," he explains. "Now we will be very receptive to Gina Luca's teammates, and it is possible that we will adapt the program to one or another athlete."

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