Super Mario Party on the test


With Super Mario Party 2018 is another great series of Nintendo games on the switch. And this proves to be a small dilemma: on the one hand, the game convinces with fun, casual and varied gameplay. Scope and technical implementation speak for themselves. Everything indicates that Super Mario Party is a great game and deserves a very high score. If there was not one …

Classic dice game

But let's start at the top. Super Mario Party offers a dense program: There are eight game modes, 80 mini-games of six categories, 20 characters, stickers to collect and even an online mode. Despite the wide offer, everything revolves around the legendary party mode. In Mario Party players fight on a game board against each other for the win. In the beginning, you have the option of three different boards ("Wummp-Domino-ruin", "King Bob-ombs powder keg-mine" and "giant fruit-paradise") – a room you have to clean first. Before the start of the game you have to decide how many turns you play. You can choose between ten, fifteen or twenty rounds. A game lasts at least an hour. The goal is to collect as many stars as possible, which can be purchased on the Toadette for ten coins collected. You must roll the dice at the beginning of your turn. You can use the pattern or a special cube. Each character has its own cube with its own numerical pattern. After each round, a mini-game is played in which sometimes with sometimes against his teammates must exist. Prizes are coins that can be used to buy new stars. The playing field is also full of special fields where you can, for example, receive valuable items.

Board Game Super Mario Party
Image: Nintendo

Partner party

In the "Partner Party" game mode, you are not fighting alone on the board, but always with a teammate in the duo. Rolled dots are added and each player can move their piece across the field. This is not linear as in classic mode but divided into squares – so you can move in all four directions. In addition to the result of the data, you also share coins, items and stars. The goal and gameplay are similar to those of classic mode.

Super Mario Party Items
Image: Nintendo

The Crux with the Allies

In some of the special boxes that are on the board, you can unlock allies that join your team and support you with an additional die. This does not look bad at first, but on closer inspection it destroys tactical action. It is even less possible to predict where to land after rolling the dice. A larger data result is not always the same as a better data result. The game unfortunately is still arbitrary. To make matters worse, there are occasional bonus stars at the end of the game, for whom (by chance!) Had the right ally. And that brings me to the next point.

Allies of Super Mario Party
Image: Nintendo

A lot of coincidence

A certain luck definitely belongs to Mario Party – not just for Mario Party, but in general for many games. But what you sometimes experience in Super Mario Party, borders the mockery. You play with 19 rounds, use items carefully and try to survive in minigames as the leader in the last round and then the following happens: We lose a star to an opponent who encounters another star at the same time in a normal field. (because, anyway) and then he arrives at the end of the game for all the excess also a bonus pen because he has come to have the allied right. And zack, there the controller flies.

Super Mario Party Minigames
Image: Nintendo

Mini-games on top

Not only the selection of mini-games, but also their quality can absolutely convince. Another advantage: do not win the luckiest. Ability and ability are indeed rewarded. This increases the fun and motivation enormously. Individual tasks are easy to learn and hard to master. Before you begin, you have the opportunity to practice in a tutorial. The game does not start until everyone is ready. JoyCon motion control is used very well.

This is how online mode works

For the first time, there is an online mode at a Mario party. It is played against random friends or opponents of the network in so-called cups. These are fixed, change after fixed time intervals and consist of a total of five mini-games. Of these, four are fixed and one is random. Opponents are basically found quickly, but problems cause the quality of the connection. Unfortunately, it often happened that the game was patchy and the tickets were delayed. This may be because Nintendo dispenses dedicated servers and connects the players directly. Too bad the classic mode can not be reproduced.

All in all, Super Mario Party is a lot of fun. Sometimes more (especially in fun and well-done minigames) and sometimes less (especially online and later when the game is again arbitrary and unfair). One understands me here not wrong, also the classic mode is very well implemented and technically high quality. Personally, this is unfair to me. If I myself have no chance of increasing my chances of gaining visibly by my own ability, I am quickly frustrated. Technically, Super Mario Party is perfectly implemented: control, graphics and sound are more than solid. The absolute highlight for me are the varied and fun mini-games.





Great minigames

Extensive content

motion control


Problems in online mode

A lot of coincidence

Partly frustrating

Allies destroy tactics


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