Strong! Hilti! Full of energy!: Burdecki turns hammer drill into Twitter success


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<p class=Yes, she already looks very pretty: Evelyn Burdecki.


AND? Bastian Yotta goes with his "I'm strong! Healthy! And full of energy!" even in the jungle sows? Yes? However, the mantra just thrilled the Twitter community. In a slightly modified form, however. And this is not because of Yotta, but because of Evelyn Burdecki.

Sarah "Dingens" Knappik was not the queen of the jungle at the time. However, she wore it since participating in "I'm a Star – Get me out of here!" 2011 Definitely a crown – for the English krudesten.

Proverbs like "What happens when we separate?" or "My air was far away" of the young people of 32 years are still educated. But currently Evelyn Burdecki sends in the jungle camp, Knappik the eternal grumpy scepter to dispute.

Healthy? No, wonderful!

She shot the bird with her interpretation of Bastian Yotta's permanent mantra "I am strong! Healthy! And full of energy!" ("I am strong, healthy and full of energy!"). Yes, all right, rightly so, the self-proclaimed millionaire's ongoing motivational address has tremendous nervous potential. But she was Burdecki's real joke.

Asked about exactly what Yotta and Mitcamper (of course, besides Yottas' enemy, Chris Töpperwien), in fact, every morning vorbeteten, came from Burdecki: "I am strong, strong and full of energy." Apparently, in the absence of vocabulary, she translated "hilti" as "wonderful."

Who has the damage …

However, not only do the craftsmen associate the term "Hilti" mainly with a well-known manufacturer of tools from Liechtenstein. Above all, the company was famous for its hammers.

If you have the damage, you do not have to worry about ridicule. And soon Burdecki's statement drew so much attention that the term "Hilti" came to the forefront of Twitter trends. Sequential tweets have taken the language of the first "Bachelor" candidate.

Let's hope Burdecki stays with us for a while in the camp. Maybe she'll forget Knappik soon enough.


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