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New York (APA) – After a series of days of gains, the US stock markets paused on Wednesday. The Dow Jones fell 3.12 units or 0.01 percent to 26,449.54 meters.

The US S & P 500 index, based in the US, lost 6.61 points (down 0.23%) to 2,900.45 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index lost 4.15 units, or 0.05%, to 7,996.08.

The current economic policy news has failed to lure investors out of their waiting position. According to a media report, the US and China are trying to sign a trade deal by late May or early June. He agreed to a preliminary plan for further meetings to reach a degree, reports the Wall Street Journal. The fact that the White House announced restrictions on travel and money transfers to Cuba also left investors cold.

On the economic side, the Beige Book did not give guidance. The growth of the US economy has changed little, said the US Federal Reserve's economic report.

For individual values, the patent dispute between Apple and Qualcomm continues. For example, Apple shares rose about two percent, while Qualcomm's stock price jumped from about 23 percent the previous day and rose more than 12 percent.

Apple will acquire a patent license and will also buy Qualcomm chips. Now the way to Apple is free, probably next year to bring an iPhone to the super-fast 5G data radio on the market. Additional tail wind was a study conducted by US bank JPMorgan: Analyst Samik Chatterjee gave Qualcomm shares after the legal dispute attached an optimistic recommendation.

The agreement in the patent dispute also affects Intel. Investors have reacted positively to the fact that the group now leaves the business with modern chips. Intel chief Bob Swan said to the reason, is not now clearly seen in the business to be profitable. Intel shares rose 3.26 percent.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, IBM had to deal with surprisingly significant business losses. Revenue in the first quarter clearly missed forecasts. The computer veteran is struggling with deep corporate changes and new business areas such as cloud services, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. Thus, the documents lost much in data analysis and artificial intelligence. Thus, the shares lost 4.14% at the end of the Dow.

Among other technology stocks, Netflix's share has yielded 1.31. The numbers provided by the streaming provider and film producer were a strong start to the year, but a moderate perspective on second-quarter user development.

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