Sunday , June 20 2021

Sonja Klima becomes the new head of the Spanish riding school «

Vienna. Sonja Klima, former wife of former chancellor Viktor Klima (SPÖ), succeeds Elisabeth Gürtler and becomes managing director of the Spanish Riding School. This was decided by the Supervisory Board on Thursday evening.
It had already become known in the period that Klima is the desired candidate of the turquoise government. Both the Chancellery and the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism were massively intervened in their favor, several people involved in the "press" reported.

In response to this decision, the Advisory Board of the Spanish Riding School will resign closed this week. He had spoken in favor of another candidate, Helmut Radnetter. He has worked for more than 40 years in the Riding School, is a rider and since 2012 is also managing director of the riding school. He found himself next to the weather and Ulla Weigerstorfer, former Miss World and former member of parliament for team Stronach in the triple proposal.

At a hearing before a committee composed of two members of the ministry, Agrana's chairman and chief of staff, Johann Marihart, and the chairman of the advisory board, Elisabeth Max-Theuer, Radnetter scored by far the best with 165 points. In addition, the recruitment consultancy Korn Ferry talks to him in Berich the best suitability. The Advisory Board therefore addressed a letter to Minister Köstinger on January 12 and made a recommendation to Radnetter. Only he – and neither of the other two candidates – meets the main criteria of the contest, he says.

Klima, backed by provincial governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP) in the Lower Austria provincial election campaign a year ago, undoubtedly has much experience with the media and social performances on the national and international scene. With "breeding, animal breeding and animal health" as well as "extensive knowledge and experience on the art of classic riding", they may – unlike the required competition – but do not appear.

"Then you can not bend the law"

For the supervisory board of the Riding School, which includes ministerial representatives and Johann Marihart, as well as the businessman Martin Bartenstein, she was obviously the most suitable of the three candidates and spoke after a meeting of several hours on the climate.

The Advisory Council, which also includes the President of the Vienna Bar Association, Michael Enzinger, President of the Tyrol Equestrian Federation and Thomas Lang, is outraged by this "wrong decision". He will resign closed on Friday. Michael Enzinger for the press: "This is the worst chess occupation I have ever encountered. If the Supervisory Board decides in favor of a candidate who lacks the essential skills required in the competition, this is not acceptable to us. can not double the law. "

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