Sexual harassment on the train: author Sargnagel has filed a complaint


Wiener Neustadt РIt is said that author Stefanie Sargnagel was sexually assaulted by another passenger during a train trip from Vienna to Graz. The Landespolizeidirektion Nieder̦sterreich confirmed on Tuesday a corresponding announcement. "The polls are still ongoing," spokesman Raimund Schwaigerlehner said. The man then denied the allegations.

The incident is said to have taken place on Saturday at noon. Sargnagel wrote on Facebook: "Am I paranoid or why does someone have to put their jacket on the abdomen as a man?" The author accused the man, according to police, of having secured his thigh. The 42-year-old man was taken by employees of the Wiener Neustadt. The suspect stated, according to the posting, that he had scratched himself. In his interrogation, he denied the allegation of sexual harassment. Sargnagel was not interviewed by the executive. (APA)


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