Sebastian Kurz & # 39; works as banjo virtuoso


Sebastian Kurz & # 39; works as banjo virtuoso

Wade Darnell would hardly think that he would become an Austrian star of YouTube in the short term.

The short banjo playing banjo Image: Youtube screenshot

Darnell, who was 16 at the time of the recording, appears in the video as a passionate banjo: playing in his family and learning with his father. Although his "Songs of Appalachia" interpretation is certainly remarkable, another circumstance is responsible for Austria's many clicks: Wade Darnell looks very similar to Sebastian Kurz.

The video for "Knoxville News Sentinel" on Youtube:

In fact, one might think that the video came from the days of the Austrian chancellor, only the haircut is somewhat better advised. One user says, "And I thought Geilo mobile would be your only end of youth."

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