Sarkisva strikes back on TV live


Karina Sarkissovas (35) hard criticism of Stefan Petzner's (38) dance performance at Dancing Stars & # 39; caused an uproar: allegations, insults and justifications were the result.

Showdown on the floor

Today, the first ballet dancer and ex-politician met for the first time. If Sarkissova Petzners Rumba also Golden eye Will it dismount again? Excited, the spectators await the confrontation between the two.

Spin around the pistol gesture

Stefan Petzner wanted to shine on Friday in the style of James Bond and said beforehand: "I do not dance in the name of majesty, but on behalf of the public against many villains …" He wants to turn against the Russian mafia, so the point in Direction Sarkissova in conversation with Radio Ö24. There is also a certain element of performance: Bond's famous weapon gesture. Originally scheduled, Petzner was then banned by the ORF. Whether he can do it, or just do it, remained clear until the show.

Petzner © Screenshot / ORF

Petzner as a statue

And then the time came: Petzner, in fact, started behind a wall of shadow and made the famous gesture. Then he and dance partner Roswitha Wieland "danced" the Rumba, Petzner was a statue. Wieland gave her – as she herself said – as few steps as possible. But that did not help, either. The jury's verdict was again devastating. "There was a half pose in which I thought:" This could be Rumba ", so the juror Nicole Burns-Hansen went to great lengths to find good points in the performance. Baláz Ekker said nothing and showed everyone what a rumba should look like. The jury classification speaks for itself: a scarce 4 points – less is no longer possible.

Petzner was as positive as ever: "I have a lot of fun and I like to dance, even if you do not always see it, and let me take it away from anyone," said the PR consultant.

Sarkissova accountants

Sarkissova once again added, "You can not control two things and dance," she said, forgiving only one point like everyone else. Friends, both probably no more.

Petzner stays, Soso goes

But at least the spectators had mercy on the former politician and voted for him in the next round. Instead, Soso and Helene had to leave.


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