Samsung Introduces Vertical TV »Leadersnet


Extra for smartphone videos: Samsung introduces vertical TV »Leadersnet

The 42-inch "Sero" device should cost 1,450 euros.

Samsung is coming up with a real innovation in the TV market. Under the name "Sero", the company unveiled a new television set that is vertical rather than transverse. The device was designed specifically for the needs of younger, as smartphone videos are filmed increasingly in high format. However, this leads to non-ideal representation of videos on conventional horizontal TV sets.

The Samsung "Sero" 43-inch serves as a complement to a "normal" TV, since the classic material of video and film is still horizontal. However, the device can also rotate 90 degrees so that it can be used horizontally. The device can also be used as a digital frame. Samsung's digital assistant "Bixby" is integrated to control the "Sero".

The "Sero" is expected to enter South Korea in May in the market, and costs about 1,450 euros in cost. When and if vertical television is available in other countries, it is currently not known. (THE)

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