Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with great surprise


The coming Galaxy Note 10 from Samsung could give you an interesting debut: Reportedly for the first time, will be offered a smaller version of the smartphone. This is not the only reason why the "Galaxy Note 10 Mini" or "Galaxy Note 10e" should be available exclusively in Europe.

Exclusively for Europe: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with a big surprise

Source: GIGA – Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and note 9.

A small Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is coming?

According to a report from areamobile, citing the always well-informed South Korean newspaper The Bell, Samsung wants to make a smaller version of its flagship Note for the first time. Production is slated to begin in May 2019, he says. Samsung has already ordered both versions of the smartphone, but declined to comment on the rumors. A smaller Galaxy Note 10 should be offered exclusively in Europe and serve customers who "feel uncomfortable" with a big screen, but still do not want to lose the stylus pen. Many details have yet to be released.

A Note 10 smaller size would not be a major revolution after the launch of the Galaxy S10e. The weakened version of the Galaxy S10 comes in a diagonal 5.8-inch screen. The standard model is 6.1 inches, the most version is a total of 6.4 inches. How big the screen with the "Galaxy Note 10 Mini" or "Galaxy Note 10e" is not yet known. If there will be more differences, in addition to a smaller display, it has not yet reached the public. A smaller battery would be quite possible, maybe less memory or a low resolution camera.

What Galaxy Note 10 in the standard version might look like, you can see here in the image gallery:

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10: So chic can be the top smartphone with S Pen.

Galaxy S10 5G as model for the 10th year

What exactly Samsung planned for the Galaxy Note 10 and the smaller version so far only the manufacturer knows. Only in August 2019 is expected to launch. However, there is already a smartphone with the new Galaxy S10 5G which can be seen as a kind of intermediate step toward the Galaxy Note 10. The S10 version with 5G module comes on a screen with a diagonal of 6.7 inches – this size can also fit in grade 10 in the standard version.

What we think of the Galaxy S10 from Samsung with 5G module, you can see in the video:

Samsung installs the Galaxy S10 5G into four rear-facing cameras, which would certainly also face note 10 as well. For the smaller version, there may be some cuts in this area to keep the price down. From a directly integrated in the fingerprint sensor display is expected.

For the front camera, the manufacturer could set a real revolution in motion. There are rumors that the selfie camera is in the stylus pen. There would be no boring notch and no display hole. It is also speculated that the Galaxy Note 10 could go completely without buttons.


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