Reports: Mick Jagger has to undergo cardiac surgery


Washington (APA / AFP) – Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has reportedly had heart surgery, according to media reports. Rolling Stone magazine said on Monday that 75-year-old children had to replace a heart valve. According to the site "Drudge Report", the singer will be operated on Friday in New York.

The Rolling Stones announced on Saturday that they were delaying their tour of the United States and Canada due to Jagger's health problems. The singer needed a "medical treatment," explained the British rock band, without giving details. Jagger wrote on the Twitter short message service to his fans: "I really hate hanging you like that."

The Rolling Stones really wanted to play 17 shows in the US and Canada from April to June. The eightfold father, five-time grandfather and simple great-grandfather Jagger is known for his energetic shows despite his age.


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