Red Dead Redemption 2 online mode starts today


red dead redemption 2 breaks

sales records and will probably be awarded several times as Game of the Year. But there are two flaws in the western game: first, there is no PC version and secondly, there is no multiplayer mode. At least the second point of criticism is the story now.


Rockstar Games announced today will be the beta phase for Red dead Start online. The roll-out is staggered. As of 14:30 today, the owners of rDR2 Last Play Edition. Tomorrow players will have access to the game on Launch day, October 26, for the first time.

On November 29, then ran, the rDR2 between the 26th and 29th of October. on November 30th all owners of rDR2, to

PS4 as well as the Xbox One, access to the beta online.

As long as the servers do not break. This is also the reason for the escalation of access: "This approach will ensure that our servers get on well with more and more players simultaneously active in the early hours and early days of the beta, and we expect that the probability of failures in the server Reduce the start week, "writes Rockstar Games in a blog entry.


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