Rapid paid 1.2 million euros for police operations – soccer


The scandal surrounding the Vienna derby between Austria and Rapid (6: 1) on 16 December could have serious financial consequences for Austrian football clubs.

In the Landtag of Lower Austria, the ÖVP made a request to ask the clubs to pay. Clubs will pay in future police operations around the games, especially on arrival and departure, even. The focus should be more on the polluter pays principle.

For example, the police operation, in which 1,338 fast fans before the derby of 800 executives nearly seven hours were surrounded, cost about 190,000 euros.

The Austrian Bundesliga was surprised on Wednesday by the VP application. Because Bundesliga clubs pay – in contrast to other European leagues – already for police operations, as Christian Ebenbauer, Bundesliga CEO, told APA.

Thus, an hour of work for an employee costs 46 euros. Before the game, the number of executives will be determined in a decision. And with that the costs.

For example, the Hütteldorfer had to spend a total of 1.2 million euros on police operations last season. The arch-rival Austria paid about one million euros. This does not include expenditure on pulp and security services.

But when could the polluter-payer principle be applied? "To what extent does the organizer's responsibility, for example, when the Rapid plays in Innsbruck, start at the departure of the train station in Vienna?", Ebenbauer still sees many open questions.

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