Premiere in Kammerspitze: Young woman, Biobuerin


Premiere in Kammerspitze: Young woman, Biobuerin

LINZ. Paradigm change in the election of the presidents of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Agriculture: For the first time Michaela Langer-Weninger of Innerschwand am Mondsee will be a woman in the head.

For the first time, the role will be occupied by an organic farmer. In addition, she will be the youngest at age 40 (Hans Lehner was also 40 when he took office in 1966, Hans Kletzmayr 1990 41).

Even more surprising is the choice of VP-Bauernfunktionre, which was unanimous on Monday. The Farmers' Association set a signal with the election of the first woman and the first organic farmer, said its prime minister, the provincial councilor Max Hiegelsberger: "We have shown that agriculture as a whole is important to us." The strength of domestic agriculture is its diversity, said Langer-Weninger: "We have to get it." She announced that she wanted to make a speech with the company: "Our production is very valuable to them."

The desired candidate

The election became necessary because Franz Reisecker, who was president since 2011, has pressed for particular reasons since the previous year in an Ablse. With his New Year, his son took over the farmhouse in St. Georgen, near Obernberg: "The president must be an active farmer," Reiscker said Tuesday at his successor's presentation. He added: "Michaela was clearly number one for me, the desired candidate."

For months, the succession was discussed. The most promising candidate was Norbert Ecker from Oberpilsbach (Vcklabruck). However, he leads a land consulting firm next to his farm, which he does not want to give up, he says officially. Unofficially, it can be said that he required freedom in many things.

The timing of the change of management was chosen in such a way that Langer-Weninger can still position himself sufficiently for the next chamber election in the year 2021. Until then, the vice president remains Karl Grabmayr of Prambachkirchen. Then Rochaden could happen, because Langer Weninger and Grabmayr are milk producers and Hausruckviertler. Usually the top stations are dispersed regionally and sectorally (Reisecker is Innviertler, farmer and pig farmer).

Langer-Weninger will be elected at the General Assembly on June 27. The other factions are still being discussed to receive broad support for them, Hiegelsberger said. In July, she will also succeed Reisecker as vice president of the Austrian Chamber. (Le)

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