Monday , April 19 2021

Police arrested nine drivers with radar blockers – Upper Austria

This came with expensive handlebars on the A1. In a focal point inspection of the provincial traffic department on Thursday in the bordering area of ​​Lower Austria and Sattledt, nine drivers were virtually taken out of circulation.

Including Porsche Cayenne, Audi and Mercedes handlebar, as Klaus Scherleitner, head of the provincial traffic department of Upper Austria explained the "Today".

For four drivers, an additional € 2,000 in security was collected.

Reason: They had the so-called "laser blockers" installed in the car. These devices prevent the cars from being "displayed".

The laser guns operate in a way that emits a beam of light, which usually comes back again. Not so with built-in laser blockers. They are disturbing the signal. This makes it impossible to measure speed. The police display shows an error message.

The drivers had to remove the devices, only then were they allowed to continue.

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