Pokemon Let's Go: No Pro Controller Support


O Pokemon Come on Games will not support the Switch Pro Controller, according to the Japanese eShop listing.

As the British division of the Kotaku news site reports, the entry of the Japanese eShop to the Pokemon Come on Show Pro Controller is not supported. This is not surprising, the game is announced intensely with its control by gestures. But offer players no alternative in the way a classic control control is daring.

However, it is not the first game that has this restriction. For example, some minigames of Super Mario Party were limited to control via Joy-Con. In Pokémon, however, the fan base should be a bit more diverse, which means the style of play. To what extent the game with the "regular" joke of joy and whether the gestures are mandatory or not, will appear.

Traveling through Kanto, as you would expect

Pokemon Come on announces just that. Refurbished and friendlier for beginners, it also wants to give new Pokémon players access to the series. Several characteristics also appeal to one or another childhood dream. For example, the best Pokémon in the team always follow, and the controls with Joy Contras emulate the launch of a nudge. There is even a special controller in the form of a punch ball, so that the sensation is complete.

Fights should not be too easy, just some mechanics, like items used for Pokémon and so-called abilities. Both are tactical elements that are only partially required for regular play and are more geared towards competitive players. Even though some fans realize this, it must be said that both features were only introduced in the second generation. Their absence is therefore absolutely faithful to the original. However, this argument suffers from recent mechanisms such as Mega developments are still being included. They have only been available since the 6th generation.

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