Photo taken and missing: Valiant painting of stolen Dorotheum


From Viennese

Dorotheum a valuable painting should have been stolen. This ORF in the transmissions "Vienna today "and" time in the image. "Thus, it could be a masterpiece of Renoir act. O auctions confirmed to the station an art theft, but did not do any more information.

police also did not disclose any information regarding ongoing investigations. A visitor would have on Monday, said in the TV report, the image in Dorotheum taken from the wall and left with him.

A painting of Renoir, a coastal landscape with an estimated value of 120,000 to 160,000 euros, should have been auctioned tomorrow. The image would no longer be in the photo Dorotheum for a preview, even online, was no longer in the catalog to find, reported the
ORF, When Bundeskriminalamt He was there at the request of APA no comments.


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