Petzner Phenomenon: Can he win?


Stefan Petzner is far from the charm of a secret agent like James Bond, but the public also saved him from being expelled this week. Never before have so many people asked for a competitor from Dancing Stars as the awkward ex-politician.

Even if Stefan Petzner's rumba moves to the Golden Eye like an elephant in a porcelain shop, the public wants to see it even more – after all, it has a high value of entertainment. In the last ten days alone, he made more headlines than anyone else. The jury scandal at the third show has increased its popularity again and has brought the ORF dream ratings, as they are otherwise only in the finals. Juror Karina Sarkissova threw herself into public attention with her zero point promotion, which may be the reason why she was not available for photos or interviews after the fourth show. Instead, she quickly retreated to the backstage area and posted from there on the Instagram. Mitigation is called so well.

Petzner © Screenshot / ORF

Petzner in typical James Bond pose.

He only needs more fans than the penultimate

Petzner himself is still convinced that he is the new Fred Astaire. "I do not think he can train. Every idiot can learn a basic step in five minutes," jury member Dirk Heidemann questions Petzner's efforts.

However, chances are good that Petzner will be loaded by his fans in the final or even win. Even if he is the last juror every time, he has to win only the penultimate in public voting. "Terrible, he will still win – with the dick-on-dumb-polka," also fears Petzners political enemy Gerald Geralz Grosz.

Stefan Petzner: "I do not suffer from dancing"

AUSTRIA: How great is the joy of progress?

Stefan Petzner: The joy is enormous and, above all, gratitude to the public, who has chosen us again. I'm almost speechless, because this time I thought for a moment that it was my last show at Dancing Stars. Maybe I do not dance every single step right, it may seem hard, but I do not suffer from dancing. I dance with joy and passion, even if you do not see. I will not take joy.

AUSTRIA: Will the dispute with Sarkissova continue?

Petzner: No, that's all there is to it. Let's have a drink today and tomorrow the training will continue.

Petzner Sarkissova© photomontage: oe24; Source: ORF / Hans Leitner

Sarkissova: "I was speechless for the first time"

oe24.TV: Why did it happen that you did not want to evaluate Stefan Petzner?

Karina Sarkissova: I was speechless for the first time, because I did not know how to evaluate the non-existent dance, because everything was missing. I could not score points for that.

oe24.TV: The others also gave few points, but you said that …

Sarkissova: Well, Dirk Heidemann said that even aliens would flee in their dance, that is offensive. Maybe he took it more seriously because I'm a woman.

Great support from your fans

Stefan Petzner's support for fans is shown by his social media accounts. He has 5,000 friends – that's all – on Facebook. Stefan will win the show, "" Stefan, keep it up.It's good "or" I admire you and Rosi, and of course, I continue to vote, "only three Friday night posts.

Petzner wanted to see almost 1 million

The dispute between prima ballerina Karina Sarkissova and Stefan Petzner in the third show brought good scores for the fourth show. Especially in the end, when it comes to knowing if the ex-politician progresses, has called 984,000 viewers. These tips are otherwise only at the end of the dance show. Petzner is the 12th-season audience hit.


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