Perchtengruppe attacked in Lokal –


Klagenfurter, 20, went on Saturday night in a restaurant with members of a Perchtengruppe. One of the Perchten he hit an iron grate on the head, the man was injured. Klagenfurt was shown.

The dispute came shortly after midnight at a restaurant in the center of Klagenfurt. The 20-year-old, according to the police he is officially known, initially began a dispute with the non-most-fancied members of the Styrian Perchten group, so he threw an ashtray into the group. The dispute changed in the episode in front of the restaurant. There, the Klagenfurter was furious, plucked an iron grill from the ground and hit a 23-year member of the Perchten group. The Styrian suffered a Rissquetschwunde on the forehead.

Manhole cover thrown through glass

As Perchten retired to the restaurant, the Klagenfurter revolted before him. He picked up a lid and threw it against the glass door, slapping a stone against the window pane of the bar.

When police arrived, the Klagenfurter complained of a headache and police officers failed to detect any visible injuries. However, he was brought from the rescue at the Klagenfurt hospital, the injured Styria was also taken to the hospital. The Klagenfurter was finally denounced for aggression and material damage.

It was chaotic last week after a Perchtenumzug in Rennweg: He came to fights, property damage, several people were injured and dismantled by a police car plate – more in fights and injured after Perchtenlauf.


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