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The center of Simmering will be covered from November 5 throughout the country to the short-term parking area paid. Residents of the Eleventh District of Vienna can apply for the Parkpicker, according to the ORF have already made 6000 people.

The national short-term parking area covers the center of Simmering with all the subway stations and their surroundings. Last fall, Simmeringer spoke in favor of the introduction of parking management in the center. For the survey, the district was divided into three zones. In the other two zones towards the periphery, the interviewees decided against the Parkpickerl.

Döbling comes, began the discussion in Hietzing

The Simmering is the 18th of the 23 districts of Vienna, which opted for a short-term parking zone across the country. As part of the introduction of the picnic in the park in Simmering, the zone in the third district will be extended from November. It then includes, in addition to the existing area, the roads between Litfaßstraße, Baumgasse, Nottendorfer Gasse, Erdbergstraße and the district boundary for Simmering. An overlay zone with Simmering is not provided.

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Even Döbling recently – against the wishes of district chairman Adolf Tiller (ÖVP) – decided to introduce parking management. And with Hietzing could follow the next district: In order to become persuasive, the municipal councilor of Vienna, Maria Vassilakou (Greens) therefore invited to a "dome of Pickerl Park". It happens on December 3 at the city hall.



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