Otlile Mabuse speaks openly about the problems with the size of your glass


Otlile Mabuse: "When I tried on my first bra, I cried"

Since 2015, Otlile Mabuse is dancing with the British version of "Let's Dance". But at first the graceful professional dancer had to fight hard. The reason: her bust exuberant. With a height of just over 1.60 meters, Oti has a size of 28GG – which corresponds in Europe to a bra size of 60K. Your touching words can be seen in the video.

Professional dancer encourages curvy women

But Otile was learning more and more to come to terms with the size of the bust. After all, all women in the family have large breasts, as she says in "Lorraine." While she is always hiding behind sweaters in her puberty, today she proudly shows what she has to offer – and encourages other curvaceous women: "It is important that we celebrate ourselves and the skin we live in." In addition, a tight bra is still the Alpha and Omega.


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