Thursday , October 21 2021

One million smartphones have already been shipped


They say the operating system has been "tested a thousand times," according to one source. However, the Chinese manufacturer is just beginning to spread the test copies extensively. A publication can therefore be delayed for months.

Huawei's own operating system has many names: "HongMeng OS" should be called in China, in Europe, the name appeared "Ark OS "and recently the title" Oak OS "was put into play for the international market. It does not matter, as the internal software of the Chinese manufacturer finally says: For Huawei has become operational system (OS) since the dispute with the United States for vital factor. As reported by the South China Morning Post, the operating system has been in development for seven years. The story behind this seems like a commercial crime.

At the time, Huawei's leadership was locked in a village on a lake near Shenzhen to discuss dependence on Android. Even so, the group around founder Ren Zhengfei realized that disputes with the US could cause huge damage to the company. Therefore, it was decided to work as a precaution for your own operating system. Since then, a group of developers have been working on closed-door Huawei OS in their own company. The meeting in 2012 has received this name over the years conversations by the lakeThe documents were long closed and locked.

Huawei OS: One Million Test Devices Sent

The public learned of its own operating system only in March this year. Meanwhile, the manufacturer is publicly Huawei OS. However, the release of the software in the market is still far, according to statements from various sources of Huawei. Currently, a total of one million test devices with HongMeng OS are in circulation. At least the financial services provider Rosenblatt Securities reports this with reference to groups of suppliers.

Testing software on phones is said to be compatible with all Android applications and provides "enhanced security features for personal information." However, much work remains to be done: "Although the operating system has been tested thousands of times in the development team, there is still a lack of extensive customer testing," according to the South China Morning Post. So the software is not yet ready for the market.

Meanwhile, Huawei herself announced that they have to say goodbye to their main purpose. In fact, you wanted to become the world's largest maker of smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2019. But now it takes longer, said a "senior manager of Huawei" according to Reuters Top News at a trade show in Shanghai.

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