Old coach, new luck: Schlierenzauer continues


He was quiet for a long time. Gregor Schlierenzauer, So suspiciously quiet that some have speculated that Springer log at the Skiing World Cup possibly he would end his career. Having experienced in the past few months and years practically just boasting humiliations and setbacks in non-naming for the World Cup at home Seefeld culminated. "I imagined everything differently and needed time to think" Schlierenzauer stated in March.

Two months later, the Stubai made his decision. So he does not want to leave the stage of ski jumps. The 29-year-old not only continues his career, he reinvents himself – for the umpteenth time. This time, his motto is "Back to the Future". Because, on his way to the old force, his former mentor should help him. Werner Schustermore recently, more than a decade, the successful coach of the German jumpers Schlierenzauer to advise you. shoemaker was one of the sponsors of Schlierenzauer at the ski school Stams


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