Nokia sales rise »Leadersnet


"I'll be back": Nokia sales up »Leadersnet

The top smartphone brand of the past can boost sales by 71%.

The revitalization of Nokia seems to be successful: after the first successes, Nokia's license holder HMD Global is still on the same track as it was successful in sales: in the third quarter of 2018, smartphone sales increased 71% last year. This is by far the biggest gain of the brand inoperative compared to the world's largest manufacturers.

Quantitatively, however, the HMD is still very far from the top of the world. HMD delivered around 4.8 million devices, with Apple and Huawei reaching ten times that figure. Clear leader in the sales market is the Samsung Group, which had to deal with 72.3 million devices delivered, however, one less than 13 percent.

Forecasts indicate that Nokia's growth will continue unabated. Winfuture expects a lot of sales here, especially from the launch of some new high-end handsets such as Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 6.1 Plus and recently released Nokia 7.1. (Red)

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