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New setback for Airbus A380 – Emirates wants to change

01.01.2019 21.27

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The future of the world's largest passenger jet Airbus A380 is one year after the temporary rescue, according to insiders back to the edge. The A380's largest customer, the Arab airline Emirates, wants to rewrite all or part of its recent 20-aircraft order on the longest airliner the A350 reported to Bloomberg news agency last night, citing a person familiar with the matter .

Airbus A380 from the Emirates

APA / AFP / Giuseppe Cacace

The aircraft manufacturer confirmed that it had spoken with Emirates about the A380's request. But the company declined to comment on the details. Emirates and the equally affected Rolls-Royce engine maker declined to comment.

Annual production fell sharply

Emirates is the largest buyer of the 162-A380 double-decker aircraft ordered and the majority already delivered. In recent years, hardly an airline had ordered the type. Airbus threatened to run out of orders. The Group thus reduces annual production from temporarily up to 30 machines to only six.

About a year ago, Airbus sales chief John Leahy had warned that the manufacturer would sooner or later have to stop manufacturing the aircraft without a new order. Moments later, Emirates ordered 20 machines and secured an option for another 16.

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