New Samsung chips should allow TVs without 8K frames


Samsung has a new control chip for TV developed that sufficient bandwidth how to deal with 8K images, as the engadget writes. This eliminates the need to install additional components to deal with the flood of pixels. Since these additional pieces are usually hidden within the scope of televisions, designers can now refrain from frames from a technical point of view, even for ultra-high resolution screens.

O bandwidth the new chip is high Samsung at four gigabits per second. An 8K screen needs four times more bandwidth such as a 4K display. Early manufacturers have already announced 8K devices for the mass market. At the latest for the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo Japanese manufacturers want to offer 8K TVs. The sporting event is scheduled to Japan be transmitted in 8K resolution. However, delivering content with such a high resolution will only grow slowly over the next few years.


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