Tuesday , November 19 2019
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New remains uncovered in globular clusters | futurezone.at

Astronomers at the University of Göttingen have an observation of their predecessors in the China confirmed. According to their own information on Monday, they discovered for the first time the remains of a new call in a galactic globular cluster. your measurements At the same time, they provided evidence that a celestial phenomenon documented by Chinese astronomers in the year 48 actually existed.

Notes in old records

Researchers at the University of Lower Saxony, who published their findings in the journal "Astronomy & Astrophysics", showed the remains of the new near the center of the globular cluster Messier 22. They are bright red gases of hydrogen and other gases. They are detectable only with special instruments.

A new one arises when hydrogen explodes on the surface of a star. Therefore, it shines much more than normal for a few days, and observations of such phenomena can also be found in the records of the ancient Chinese celestial observers. The position and brightness of the Nova remain in Messier 22 exactly docked.

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