New Playstation should be a marvel of hardware technology


New Playstation should be a marvel of hardware technology

The new generation of Sony consoles with Raytracing and 8K resolution will be released in 2020.

New Playstation should be a marvel of hardware technology

25 years ago appeared the first Playstation – now told Mark Cerny the first details about the new generation Image: REUTERS

After months of secret development, Sony has now announced the first details of the successor to the Playstation 4. In an interview with Wired technology magazine, Sony engineer Mark Cerny talked about the details and revealed Details.

First of all, the new console will be released in early 2020 at the earliest. Most likely a launch in the fall of next year, in time for Christmas. There is no official date yet. Cerny also did not name a specific name, instead he spoke of a next generation console. It remains to be seen if he will actually carry the name Playstation 5.

Much more important than the name of the game device is your inner life anyway. And here it is quickly clear: the Japanese put the bar quite high this time and point to a real generation jump. It should not be just another development, as was the case with the Playstation 4 Pro.

Raytracing and 8K resolution

The graphics unit and main processor come again in the new generation of AMD. The components are specially adapted for the console. According to Cerny, the graphics processor is based on the Radeon Navi family and should also support raytracing. This technology can be used to create photorealistic 3D scenes. Compared to the established rasterization process, this requires significantly higher computing power. If you believe in Cerny, the new console from Sony brings this power.

In addition, the Group promises support for 8K resolutions, even though there are currently only 8K TVs and most console games are designed for FullHD or 4K.

An SSD replaces the conventional hard drive. Meanwhile, this has become almost standard on consoles because faster loading times are possible thanks to flash memory.

Another special feature of the Playstation 5 is a special chip for 3D audio, with which a round sound can be generated. In addition, the new model must be backwards compatible. PS4 games, therefore, must also run on successor.

In view of these ads, a price increase would not be surprising compared to the Playstation 4. With financial details, Cerny was in fact back, according to an insider, the price, but should be around $ 500.

Difficult competition

The Playstation 5 is probably the reason why Sony in June for the first time in 24 years, not at E3, the largest video game show in the world, will be there. The fact that the group has leaked some details is probably because you want to stay in the conversation despite the absence of E3.

After all, the competition is not sleeping. Google will enter the gaming business this year with a streaming video game service. Microsoft also wants to accelerate with new Xbox-based cloud games.

Consoles and games: what the market has to offer

Xbox two: The main competitor for the Sony Playstation comes from Microsoft. The name of the new console (which may also be called the Xbox Scarlett) is still in the stars – as well as technical details, price and release date. Experts anticipate the market launch in 2020. At E3 in June, there will be more details on Microsoft's plans.

Switch: Nintendo will probably bring their console to market again. Once as a cheaper option next fall, a more powerful version, which should be based on PS 4 Pro and Xbox One X, should follow a little later. Rumors suggest that the Japanese could also work on a new console with completely different hardware.

Stadia: Games actually run on Google servers on the network and are transmitted to users' devices. Offering begins later this year.

Arcadian: Apple has already failed with its own video game console ("Pippin") – Arcade is planning a fixed-price game subscription. This should happen in the fall.

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