Movie reception canceled with Liam Neeson


There is no red carpet reception for Liam Neeson after the racist controversy: Just before the premiere of the new Neeson movie "Cold Pursuit" on Tuesday night in New York, the planned reception for the red carpet crew was canceled Media of the US reported.

There is usually an opportunity for the press and viewers to take photos and interviews. The action movie will be shown at the cinema on Lincoln Square in New York. The British-American actor made headlines on Monday through an interview with The Independent.

In it, he reveals a vengeance cherished for revenge, after a close to him wife said she had been raped by a black man. On Tuesday, Neeson (66) rejected claims that he had shown racist behavior when he wanted revenge on a friend for almost 40 years. "I'm not racist," said Neeson ("Schindler's List") on American television "Good Morning America."

He had sought help at the time, had spoken with a Catholic priest, Neeson, now in the ABC interview. Of his behavior, he said, "It shocked me and it hurt me." Some social network users accused Neeson of racism, others pointed out that he apologized for his earlier behavior in the original interview.


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