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Several days ago, the internet circulated with the post of a London mother whose daughter, who was still too young for the vaccine, is suffering from measles. Her son was "vulnerable" to the dangerous virus, according to Jilly Moss, who left Sunday at the hospital where her daughter was treated. "It was absolutely terrible to see how our daughter had to struggle with puffy eyes for four days," explains her mother on Facebook. "She was in the dark, she was scared and had a high fever that lasted more than two weeks."

Mom warns critical parents to vaccine

To highlight the severity of the disease and warn critics about vaccination, Moss was asked by doctors and doctors at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to publish photos of his daughter. The girl is covered in red spots in the crib, sleeping with a tube in her nose. 20 out of 100 cases of measles cause complications such as inflammation of the lung, middle ear or brain. Serious consequences, which may be felt 5 to 10 years after the infection has passed, have been underestimated by studies from previous years.

"We have to do more, people, let your children vaccinate!"

The mother appeals to other parents: her daughter was too young for the vaccine. An infection could have been avoided if "older children had been vaccinated." "We have to do more, people, let your children vaccinate!" The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently warning of increased measles activity. In Europe, almost 60,000 cases of measles and at least 64 deaths were recorded by December 2018.


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