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Outbreaks of mumps symptoms of disease loss of appetite body aches

Health professionals report new outbreaks of mumps in the US. The first cases were found in several American prisons, then spread the disease and now many universities are at risk. As the virus is transmitted through direct contact and cups and shared dishes, preschool children, students and students are often affected. Families with children and exchange students should therefore check their vaccination status before traveling to the United States. The mumps vaccine is part of the nationwide vaccination program. If you do not already have a vaccine, you can catch up before you leave.

Outbreaks of mumps in the US: the disease is spreading

Outbreaks of mumps symptoms of US disease vaccination status

The disease spread rapidly when it started with a nonspecific clinical picture. Due to this disease, many cases of mumps are initially considered influenza and those affected will be treated accordingly. Patients complain of loss of appetite, abdominal and limb pain and fever. Only after several days does one swell first and then the other parotid gland. Sufferers then suffer from pain during eating and swallowing and ear pain. After about seven days, the salivary glands begin to swell again. While in children under 5 years, the duration of symptoms ranges from 5 days to a week, the number of severe forms increases with age. Adults are therefore severely affected and may also suffer long-term consequences.

By the way, more cases of mumps are recorded not only in the US, but the situation is similar in Britain and Ireland. In England, where more than 43,000 cases were registered in 2005, preventive measures are already being taken. Young people over 20 who receive only one dose of vaccine when children are at particular risk. Vaccine opponents who do not vaccinate their children contribute to the problem. The World Health Organization has therefore stated the skepticism of vaccination that led to the postponement of vaccines to be a global threat to health.

Anyone planning a trip to Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States should therefore check their vaccination status on the vaccination certificate.


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