Sunday , February 28 2021

Minister Kickl wins distrust vote |

Minister Kickl is waving a vow of mistrust

VIENNA. Sixth vote of distrust in the rejected Parliament.

Minister Kickl skips vote of no confidence

Minister of the Interior Kickl (FP) Image: APA / GEORG HOCHMUTH

In her absence yesterday in parliament, the motion of distrust of Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FP) has been shaken by government parties.

He prefers to talk to Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl (FP) about repatriation options for asylum seekers rejected for Syria while the opposition in Parliament was "wasting a lot of time talking about things I did not say," Kickl wrote on Facebook .

The reason for the no-confidence movement was an interview in which Kickl said he had the right to follow the policy.

This statement also criticized fellow Minister of Government, Justice Minister Josef Moser – for which Moser must now receive fierce criticism from the FP. Moser was "ready to go back," said Johann Tschrtz, the country's chief of Poland.

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