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A national model and cuts in immigrants with a lack of knowledge of German are being planned. Strache emphasized the receipt of emergency aid.

21:12, 27 November 2018

Kurz Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor Strache © (c) APA / HANS PUNZ (HANS PUNZ)

O federal government turquoise agreed to the final details of the minimum income guarantee reform. Like the APA ÖVP and FPÖ was confirmed, the uniform national model will be presented on Wednesday by the Council of Ministers and later by the top of the government. According to reports, the new minimum income is based on the rulings of the government examination in Mauerbach.

For example, cuts are planned for immigrants with insufficient knowledge of German as well as a bonus for single parents. In addition, the new basic law should provide for stricter regulations for people who do not wish to work. The minimum income amount should in the future be based on the minimum pension of EUR 863. With poor knowledge of German or English or in the absence of compulsory graduation, this amount should be reduced by 300 euros to 563 euros.

Asset access

It has not been clear to the end whether and how families with multiple children can limit or "limit" the cash benefits per family. In addition, the issue of access to assets as a point of friction between ÖVP and FPÖ was mainly disclosed. As it became known now, the ÖVP gained access to the assets of the affected.

There will be no access to the car, the property or the home of the unemployed or the emergency workers. Anyone who wants to work but can not get a job or who has worked hard but can not work for health reasons will not be disappointed. We guarantee justice and justice.

Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) on November 9, 2018

Critics of government plans fear that planned cuts will lead to poverty, particularly for children. Also denounced was the fact that the Federal Government focuses on the history of immigrants from the beneficiaries of the reform project. The ÖVP and the FPÖ presented numbers over the weekend, according to which more than 60% of the minimum income beneficiaries had a "migration history".

Constitutional and European law issues

Experts also expressed constitutional and European law concerns. For example, the minimum income protection scheme in Lower Austria had been repealed by the Constitutional Court because of the limit established there and the European Court of Justice overturned the Upper Austrian model because of the cuts for temporary asylum seekers. The government has therefore expressed its wish, with the help of constitutional lawyers, to reach a solution that is valid both before the Constitutional Court and before the European Court of Justice.

Receiving emergency assistance

Dean Strache Heinz-Christian (FPÖ) confirmed on Tuesday in Brussels about the agreement on minimum security that emergency assistance remains and will not be abolished. There should be a model "in the sense of social justice and justice," where, for example, "caregivers and single parents" should receive a bonus, according to the FPÖ leader.

These people would have gained a better position in the field of social assistance. "Misinformation from Social Democrats should be rejected," Strache said. Emergency aid continues "even in the newly received unemployment benefit system and will not be abolished," said the FPÖ leader. Among the beneficiaries of social security and the unemployed, it is necessary to separate. The guaranteed minimum will be better than before and will ensure that "immigration to the social system is halted," said the vice chancellor.


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