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Michael Wendler blasphemes girlfriend Laura – this bothers him a lot

This is Michael Wendler.

He is one of the most polarizing pop singers in Germany: Michael Wendler.

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Michael Wendler and his new girlfriend Laura: The dream couple in the hit song. No way. Because even with Michael Wendler and his 18-year-old girlfriend is not all trallafitti and confetti.

That betrayed Michael Wendler now in an interview. Asked about their upcoming shows Michael Wendler quite skeptical about his love life with his much younger girlfriend. Then he seems to suffer from pronounced jealousy. Much to the annoyance of Michael Wendler.

Michael Wendler and girlfriend Laura: bang hard ad

"If my job suffers from this relationship, then you have to decide. Anyone becomes more relaxed and can handle it, or not," Wendler says brutally. Oh, he sat down.

+ + + Michael Wendler: Now unzip Laura – "must disappoint you!"

And more: "If she can not stand that my fans are also looking for body contact. I do not want to say the sexual, I just want to say body contact with kisses and sometimes handshake and hugging, so it's better for her to stay in House ".


This is Michael Wendler.

  • Born in 1972 in Dinslaken as Michael Skowronek
  • Michael Wendler is a trained referral agent
  • In 2000, the pop singer released his first albums
  • He has participated in several TV productions, including Beat the Star, I'm a star – get me out of here or we'll dance
  • Since 2016 he lives in Cape Coral, USA.
  • In 2018 he separated from his wife. Shortly afterwards, he met Laura, 18
  • The couple's story is being shown at Goodbye Germany since this year
  • For Laura, Wendler's longtime wife had to leave the village


Well, that sounded a little more harmonious a few days ago. Does not the common time in the US make the couple as good as they want us to believe in Instagram?


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Michael Wendler extends his hand

In any case, Wendler beats RTL: "If female fans give me a kiss on the cheek and I really can not resist, then I can imagine that I have to discuss it vigorously the following night.

Since you may be curious how the tour life will be like this. Already on April 30, Michael Wendler will know better. There he appears in the Gelsenkirchen Emscher-Lippe-Halle.

Michael Wendler does not want Laura to sing.

Your 18-year-old girlfriend is definitely not going to sing. Michael Wendler made it clear, "Well, I do not think I need to worry about Laura musically, she's not going to sing, I do not want that, I'm not going to promote them either." If you looked at your video on Instagram, this probably not a bad decision.


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