Monday , October 25 2021

Mesut Özil: Now Mandy Capristo talks about her ex's marriage


Shortly after the marriage of Mesut Özil and his Amine, former footballer Mandy Capristo, spoke with a surprising post on the Instagram.

Last Friday (7 June), professional footballers Mesut Özil (30) and model Amine Gülse (26) took the floor in Istanbul. It was celebrated with 300 guests, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (65), in the luxurious five-star hotel "Four Seasons".

The bride shone on her big day in three beautiful princess robes. In that dream dress Amine said "yes" to her Mesut, we show in the video above.

Amazing reaction from your ex

Of course, the show was not hidden from her: Özil's ex-girlfriend Mandy Capristo (29). From 2012 to 2014, the footballer and singer were a couple, dared even a year later, a return of love – without success. For their separation, Mesut and Mandy never lost a word, but in bad they do not seem to have separated, as proof of the 29-year-old post.

At Instagram, former member "Monrose" congratulated his ex with exciting words in the marriage. "If a person's happiness has always been important to you, then you will be happy for her too when she finds someone who fits much better … and I do." Mandy wrote for a picture, smiling and looking to the side.

"It shows your strength"

The fans celebrate the 29 year old for his sincere words. Within no time the excited comments rolled under the post. "That sets him apart from many others," says one follower, another praises: "Because you have such a pure heart and a great personality, your great man!"

Many wish Mandy that she soon find happiness, because since the separation, the singer is officially considered a single. "It shows your strength. You will also find your counterpart, a beautiful lady," writes one user, and another is certain: "Whoever has such a heart will find true love for himself!"

With what attractive man Mandy appeared completely familiar, you can see in the video:


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