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Mars One Mission: Günther Golob wants to fly to Mars

Lavanttaler Günther Golob is the only Austrian on the Mars One mission among the top 100 candidates.

WEEK: So you want to leave Earth to start a colony on Mars with 23 other people from different cultures. What brings you?
GÜNTHER GOLOB: A childhood dream, curiosity and adventure. I am aware that we live in a very exciting time and that we humans will soon become an interplanetary species. This is or will be the greatest landmark in the history of mankind.

Let's say you can do it among the 24 participants: So in 2030, you will fly to Mars in the mid-50s without a return ticket. Your family will be left forever without you on Earth. How do you handle this scenario internally?
Here I have to briefly put something right. If I go into training with 23 colleagues, that does not mean I'm fit for the early 1920s, to be one of the first to deny this adventure. There is a lot that can happen. Who knows if I will be part of the project next year? I wish that.

Are not you afraid to say goodbye? After all, you would have to live on Mars until your death.
This is not a farewell, this is the starting signal for the future, in a new exciting era of all people. I think we've been dead for longer than we live, so in this short life we ​​must realize our dreams, take care of each other and follow our instincts. Our motivation is to research, discover and explore. This is our nature, otherwise we would still live in the cave.

How long does the flight take with the rocket?
According to today's technical standard, about seven months. But by 2030, it will work much faster.

As a stranded astronaut Matt Damon fights in the movie "The Martian" in an inhospitable environment for bare survival. How can we imagine your life as a future resident of Mars?
"The Martian" is a great movie, but a lot of Hollywood. What I can recommend to readers is a series called "Mars". In a unique blend of drama and documentary, producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard present a monumental series that has a major and exciting concern: the colonization of Mars in 2032. The second season has been available since November; Look closer at settlers and the clash of governments and corporations. Very exciting! Describing life on Mars here would go beyond scope.

If you're homesick at the top, can you communicate from Mars to Earth?
I'd rather have a desire to travel. Communicating with family, friends and everyone else on Earth is a very important psychic part of the mission.

How long have you been preparing?

I applied for this mission in February 2013. What are the obstacles to overcome and what comes next in the plan? I would like to cordially invite you to the City Hall of São Paulo at 7:00 pm on February 7. Describing this would take a long time.

On February 7, you will spend a day in St. Paul under the motto "My Way to Mars". In the morning, you will be in the non-public environment of the New Middle School (NMS) and ask the students questions. What do you want to give to youth?
I'm really looking forward to the NMS St. Paul, it's always a great pleasure for me to have a performance at a school. The fascination for space, planets, technology and science fiction is enormous with our children. No matter what matters to our young people, the most important thing is for them to realize their dreams someday and not lose sight of them.

What is your relationship with Wahl-Grazer and Lavanttal?
I have lived in Graz for 18 years, because in this city I was able to fulfill my dreams better. The Lavant Valley is my home, I grew up there and I also spent a beautiful youth. I still have a very close relationship with my homeland, because many of my friends live here, my children, my parents and soon my grandson.

The Mars One mission raises many scientific and ethical issues. Can astronauts be sent to Mars out of curiosity, knowing they can not return to Earth? How do you see it?
Of course, in any case, it is up to everyone to decide whether or not to fly, I can also choose the profession or my hobby. The question of ethics was already discussed violently in Columbus's time, just as no one knew whether the horizon falls or never returns.

Should not we first solve problems on Earth before we fly to Mars?
That is a good thought, but unfortunately this will not happen as long as there is power and greed on our planet or politics mixed with religion.

If your big dream does not work, will you re-publish your "X-RockZ" art, culture and knowledge magazine? Or is it still on the ice?
I was able to realize many dreams, one was my own magazine or my previous music agency. In this case, however, the path is the goal. What comes next, I do not know.

Interview: Petra Mörth
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For the person:

name: Günther Golob
birthday: September 15, 1975
Grow up: the first four years in Reisberg, then in St. Andrä and Wolfsberg
Marital status: single, three children, soon a grandchild
occupation: Graduate Project Manager, Communication Technician and Clerk
Hobbies: Your passion is music.
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To the point:

"Mars One" strives the human settlement of the planet Mars.
More than 200,000 candidates have applied worldwide.
Early 2015 100 people were selected to participate in a mix of reality format and astronaut training.
From 2031 onwards, Every two years there is a flight with four settlers each.
They live in a station of Mars. There is no return ticket.
For the projectt is responsible for a Dutch company.

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