Nintendo jumps on the virtual reality train with the Labo VR glasses and presents two absolute highlights.

A few weeks ago, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Labo Vr Kit, which lets you turn the Nintendo Switch console into a virtual reality hedaset. To give switch owners a great incentive to buy the Labo VR Kit, Nintendo has also adapted large titles for use. Just a few days after the launch of the Labo VR Kit, both Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey will receive a free update of RV support.

The current Zelda adventure can be played according to Nintendo completely with the VR cardboard glasses. Unfortunately, Super Mario Odyssey only gives Nintendo three mini-missions for VR, in which coins and musical notes have to be collected. The only question is what graphic quality the switch can offer in conjunction with the glasses. For the switch, the two eyes must share the low resolution 720p of the switch, while zb. In PSVR, 960 x 1080 pixels will be available.

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